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Savannah Cat Breed

A Savannah Cat is a breed that is based on the African Serval.  At first, breeders breed the Serval to other breeds of cat like the Ocicat, Siamese, Bengal cat, Chausie cat (hybrid of the jungle cat) and other non-specific breeds of cats.

The International Cat Association (TICA) made it clear to breeders they didn't want the Bengal or Chausie cat used in the Savannah Cat breed because those two breeds were also connected to small non-domestic cats and they didn’t want to mix them in.

As time went on, a few breeders began to use later generations of the male Savannah (F5 and F6) as they were fertile generations.

This allowed breeders to stop using so many different breeds and to begin to focus on Savannah to Savannah breeding.  Once the Savannah cat was at this stage, breeders were able to begin refining the look.

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