Day 1 Furbabies
Day 1 Furbabies


Chase and Elsa
Chase and Elsa

Day 1 Furbabies
Day 1 Furbabies


Breeders of F3, F4, F5, F6 and F7 Savannahs

Available Kittens

Fun, Fur and Frolics

Dotty Savannahs is dedicated in providing our furry friends with the top level of care from birth until they depart for their new homes. Check out our available and previous kittens.  From time to time we will be looking to re-home our Queens.

It's a New Year and we will hopefully be welcoming some gorgeous litters throughout the year.

We are hoping to welcome F3, F4, F5, F6 & F7 litters.

If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please get in touch.


We have some exciting news to share.
Venus gave birth to 3 fur babies
on the 30th of May 2021.

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A Stress-Free Experience

Plenty of Love and Attention

A Perfect Companion


Jeremy and Louise

"What a brilliant experience for our first purchase of a beautiful Savannah Kitten we’ve named Darcy. Amanda and her family were superb, their love and knowledge of Savannah’s is amazing.


Her open and responsive communication with us was first-class, allowing us to come for visits and see all her beautiful and stunning Savannah’s in their beautiful home."

I would totally and thoroughly highly recommend DottySavannahs if you are looking to have a Savannah kitten as part of your family, they were brilliant!